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The toughest decision as a homeowner is whom to turn to for direction and support to maintain your home. Home Management Services (HMS) is a result-oriented company who understands homeowners as individuals.

We have created an exclusive team in each field to address all the needs and demands of your home.  At HMS, we take ownership of our clients problems and craft a solution unique to your needs and desires. Our expertise extends beyond the traditional role of home property management. We recognize it is crucial to be attentive, detail oriented and travels the extra mile to build strong customer relationships. That's why our motto is; WE DO THE VERY BEST "ALWAYS"

Home Management Services is licensed and insured. We provide you peace of mind and more importantly we free up your time, so you can enjoy life with your family and pursue your hobbies. You worked hard, let us work for you to make the most of your time on The Grand Strand. Please read on to find out more about our weekly home inspections, preventative maintenance programs, home maintenance/renovation services and concierge services so you spend less time worrying and more time enjoying life. 

Micheal J. Altman      Jenelyn Germane


Michael Altman made his first entrepreneurial imprint on the Grand Strand area in 1990 with the opening of Taste of Italy Deli in Cherry Grove, North Myrtle Beach. Michael continued his entrepreneurial drive and in 1997 opened Krystal Klear Inc. a full service window cleaning & pressure washing business. In 2008, Michael expanded his business into home improvement, site renovations and remodeling as a professional construction design consultant.

With Michael's expertise and professionalism, he has grown his company through word-of-mouth, community involvement and a solid reputation with unparalleled service and commitment to each of his clients. Working with residential and condo owners for over 10 years in the Grand Strand area he started his professional consulting business called Home Management Services. Along with Michael’s extensive hands on experience in every aspect of home maintenance, home improvement/renovations, construction and project management, he has teamed up with Jenelyn Germanes (business and financial management) and a select team of professionals to expand his team’s expertise.

Michael and his team promises to get the job done within budget, within schedule, all safety precautions taken and with complete client satisfaction. 


Builder + Architect

Home Management Services is proud to announce that Michael Altman ( Construction Design Consultant) has been featured on the cover of Builder+Architect Magazine with an interior layout of seven pages for the summer of 2013.